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Characteristics of flood

Intensity of floods is characterized by two methods (i) Depth of Inundation(ii)Volume of inundation.

Frequency of floods represents the number of times an area is inundated during a particular time interval.

Durations of flood represent the length of time interval during which a particular area is inundated.

Due to siltations and erosions river changes its path which is known as meandering.

Severity of flood( depending on damages caused by flood)
Flood typology also depends on types and magnitudes of damages caused.

River streams having velocity less than critical velocity have less silt carrying capacity and drops silts and sands and height of river bed is raised and surrounding areas are inundated. Such river stages are known as aggrading stage.

Degrading river (Erosions)
River having velocity more than critical velocity erodes the river bed and known as eroding river.



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