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High Level Expert committee (HLEC) meeting was held on 12.06.13 to review ‘ Initial Model Report and Training Plan’ submitted by M/S DHI (India) water and Environment Pvt . Ltd. for the consultancy services for developing Flood Forecast and Inundation Modelling system in Bagmati-Adhwara basin in north Bihar. Members from GFCC  Patna, NIH Patna, CWC Patna and WRD were present in the review meeting.

20-06-2012 to 02-07-2012 : A four member team led by Joint Director FMISC visited to get a first hand knowledge about the recent development in the field of Laves inspection, maintenance and construction adopted by USACE and USGS   which are the lead organization engaged in flood management activities in USA.

26-09-2012 : A world Bank - DFID team led by Ms Giovanna Prennushi, ecomic advisor, India  ountry Management, DFID, visited FMISC to have on the sport idea of progress being made  and the grant expenditure incurred  so far the project.

18-10-2012: High Level Expert Committee meeting held at FMIS Centre to reviews Design Report and Inundation Modelling of Bagmati submitted by the consultant M/S DHI, India.

05-10-2012 : Visitors from Uttar Pradesh, Irrigation Department visited the centre, lead by Mr. Maheshwari, IAS, special secretary, Irrigation department of UP, to appraise with activities of FMISC.

27-11-2012 : FMISC Technical Advisory Committee held at FMISC conference lhall to revieew the upta date progress of FMIS Phase -II project.

Technical Advisory Committee Meeting held on 24th April 2012 in Conference Room of FMIS Cell.

High Level Expert Commitee Meeting for flood forecasting and Inundation Modeling was held on 7th June 2012


FMIS Advisory Committee Meeting held on 24th June 08 in Conference Room of FMIS Cell.

The status of the progress was discussed in the light of FMIS Phase I being closed on 30th June 08. The future plan of action for the activities not likely to be completed by 30the June 08 was also discussed. Representative of Members from CWC, GFCC and WRD attended the meeting. Officers / Specialists of FMISC also participated in the meeting.

FMIS Advisory Committee meeting held on 10th April 2007 in CWC Committee room
No- 206 (s), Sewa Bhawan, R.K. Puram, N Delhi.

It was chaired by Eng–in-Chief (North), WRD, Patna and attended by Senior Officers of GFCC, Patna, CWC, New Delhi, World Bank Specialist and Incharge, FMIS Cell.

Main issues discussed:
Specialist of World Bank explained about overall long term project objectives. C.E. (FM), CWC  informed that 4 nos of station in Bagmati and 4 nos of stations in Adhwara rivers taken up in 10th plan, 13 new stations in that basins are planned to be taken up after 11th plan but the whole scheme is in pipeline and likely to be completed by the end of 11th plan.   

FMIS Advisory Committee held on 13th March 2007 in the office of commissioner and secretary, WRD

It was chaired by Commissioner & Secretary, WRD, Patna and attended by Chief Engineer (Monitoring), WRD alongwith Senior Officers of WRD and Officers representing Science & Technology and CWC, Patna.

Main issues discussed:
All members expressed their satisfaction over the progress. FMIS project, its component and status in brief explained. The functions of the FMIS cell circulated. 

Technical Committee meeting   

The Fourth FMIS Techincal Committee Meeting was held at FMISC, Jalsansadhan Bhawan Anisabad, Patna on 14th May 2008

The meeting was chaired by Er. Devi Rajak, Eng. in Chief, Water Resources Department. Members participated were Mr. D. K. Singh, Chief Engineer Planning and Monitoring, Water Resources Department, Mr. T. N. Jha, Director IMD, Patna, Mr. S. T. Chari Consultant World Bank, Dr. S. I. Laskar, Meteorological, Mr. A. K. Samaiyar, E.E., Incharge and Member Secretary, Mr. H. S. Singh, Flood Management Specialist and Assistant Engineers of the FMIS Cell.
In the meeting, the project progress was discussed in which it was informed that out of 24 package activities, 20 activities were either, fully completed or were nearing completion, whereas 3 activities such as P-4 (Development of Additional Database),  P-21 (Development of Flood Forecast Model..) and P-22 (Plan for Hydraulic & Hydrologic Network) were running late due to unavoidable reasons.
Regarding rainfall forecast it was informed that IMD at present is running the MM5 Model on operational basis once in a day for a single domain covering the entire country and surrounding area at a grid horizontal resolution of 45 km and 23 vertical levels and is in position to supply 3 days advance rainfall forecast. IMD is also planning to run in operational mode the MM5 model for smaller domains at higher resolution of 10 km in horizontal.

FMIS Technical committee meeting held on 24th July 2007 at Taramandal, Patna

It was chaired by Chief Engineer Planning & Monitoring, Patna. Members participated were Prof. (Dr.). A. K. Gosain IIT Delhi, Sri V. Bhanumurthy DPD-DSC, NRSA, Director IMD, Patna, Director CWC Patna, Director GFCC Patna, Project Director FMIS, Dr. Subhas Chander Consultant, Flood Management Specialist FMISC & Member Secretary Incharge, FMISC.

Main issues discussed:
            Review of project progress, formation of working committee  for monitoring of flood forecast modeling, review inception report for consultancy for plan for upgrading hydrologic measurements, telemetry, collection of rainfall data from Nepal station, to be obtained from CWC, real-time rainfall data of rainfall stations located at block office of focus area of FMIS.

FMIS Technical committee meeting held on 18th April 2007 at Taramandal, Patna.

It was chaired by Eng-in-Chief (North) WRD Patna, and attended by Director CWC Patna, Director GFCC Patna, WRD officers & Incharge FMIS Cell Patna.

Main issues discussed:
Director CWC, representative CE, LGBO, CWC, Patna assured for full cooperation and confirmed their participation and interaction with works taken up by consultants.

FMIS Technical committee meeting held on 6th March 2007 at FMISC, Taramandal, Patna.

It was chaired by Eng-in-Chief (North) WRD Patna, and attended by Chief Engineer Planning & Monitoring, WRD Patna, Director CWC Patna, Director IMD Patna, Director GFCC Patan, Representative of Project Director, BIRSAC Patna & Incharge FMIS Cell Patna.

Main issues discussed:
Incharge FMIS reported that NRSA was the prime consultant for the development & implementation of FMIS project and therefore, a MOU on agreed action is supposed to be signed. CWC & GFCC assured that appropriate members for the working group would be nominated very soon.



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