S.No. NIT Subject Expiry Date
1. WRD/FMISC/EOI/01/2015-2016 Invitation for Expression of Interest for Procurement Consultant Unit at WRD, Patna 15:00 hours (IST) onĀ  Friday, 29th January, 2016.
2. FMISC-27/2007 PART III - 742 Invitation for procurement of various Printer's Cartridges. 15:00 hours (IST) on Tuesday, 05th January 2016


Invitation for "The consultancy services to " Develop Flood Forecast Modeling, Inundation Mapping and Early Warning System including River and Embankment Survey in Kosi Basin"

ToR for Flood Forecast.

Annexure 1. Kosi Basin Characteristics.

Annexure 2. Specification for River and Embankment Survey 28.12.15

Annexure 3. Musto BM (1)

Annexure 4. Project AoI

Annexure 5. xSURVEY

15:00 hours (IST) on Thursday, 27thJanuary 2016.