FMISC is coming out with monthly E-Bulletin since May-2007. This is an in house production and gives a brief account of activities in FMISC. It is transmitted electronically every month.

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End of Season Flood Report

A report was prepared with help of the information collected during the flood season. This report serves as a source of information and a reference document for FMISC Technical Committee and Advisory Committee and also for a wider audience, such as the agencies responsible for disaster management, flood control and agriculture management. It aims to fulfill two primary roles: a summary of the flood year and a collection of important data on the flood regime primarily through inundation maps, maximum flood duration maps, maximum inundation extent maps and flood frequency maps etc. A special feature of the report is flood inundation mapping, maximum inundation map and duration of inundation map generated with the help of modern technology of GIS and Remote Sensing.

Flood Report
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